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Grand SlitherK

Grand SlitherK

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"In response to core frog angler needs such as 'I want to cast to the edge of the mat just 5 meters further,' 'I want to continue fishing with the Slither K tempo even when the wind starts to blow a bit,' and 'I want to smoothly switch from a slightly deeper range and entice fish to the surface naturally,' the development of the 'Grand Slither K' began.
To meet these needs, the body size was significantly increased to enhance weight and buoyancy. Correspondingly, the hook size was upsized to #4/0, while maintaining the performance of the Slither K's distinctive quick dog-walk action that entices big bass without compromise.
The design focuses on maintaining the powerful water-pushing action with the same stroke as the Slither K, rather than increasing the sliding width. Throughout the details, a meticulous balance adjustment of weight and buoyancy has been repeated to achieve the final product."

"Not just a size increase, but a power-up, the 'Grand Slither K.' Born to break the limits of the frog game, the 'Grand Slither K' inherits the genes of the Slither K and possesses a new and powerful water-pushing dog-walk. It can be said that it was born to surpass the boundaries of frog fishing."


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