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Blade Hustler

Blade Hustler

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Body Form

The body shape resembles a 125mm minnow. The diagonal floating posture, set for suspending, is designed to attract bass even during pauses through the flashing of props or blades in pinpoint spots. This setup lures bass closer and allows for a bite with a single action.

Boss Prop

The Boss Prop with excellent initial movement smoothly rotates, even during slow retrieves, by efficiently catching water. It produces prop sounds while creating water flow ripples and clean waves.


It incorporates the custom "Colorado 3.5" blade, generating wide and powerful vibrations. During slow retrieves, it sways gently, and during fast retrieves, the occasional imbalanced rotation with torque creates a momentary disturbance, setting the stage for bite opportunities.

Spring Weight System

The spring weight system installed in the head area produces knocking sounds against the inner walls and lifelike subtle vibrations as the weight is shaken during action, adding to the overall appeal.

Length:125mm body
Weight:25.0g class

Caution Regarding Temperature and Storage Conditions

There is a risk of deformation, cracking, or damage due to the expansion of the air chamber caused by temperature differences in places exposed to direct sunlight, inside hot cars, or in tackle boxes during fishing trips, especially in high-temperature environments.Particular attention is required during the summer season when temperatures rise. Please be mindful of proper storage for the plugs. Neglecting this caution may void any warranty, so please exercise due care.The photos shown are of a prototype or composite images. Please note that actual products may differ in detail, and discrepancies may exist. The appearance of the product in the published images may vary slightly depending on the shooting environment and the device used by the customer for viewing. Kindly acknowledge this beforehand.