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Bulldoze 190

Bulldoze 190

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Bluegill Form Big Joint Crankbait "Bulldoze"

The "Bulldoze" is a floating lip model of the secretly developed "Bullshooter," designed to capture monster-class fish. Developed concurrently with the sinking model "Bullshooter," it is part of the lineup as a must-have item for landing record-class monsters using floating-specific techniques such as cranking, dead-sticking, and the riser method.

The Feather Hook, designed to camouflage the hook and imitate fins, not only deceives cunning monsters that dislike the presence of the hook but also enhances the hook-up rate. It responds to the slightest water flow with a natural sway, attracting subtle bites. The Feather Hook is often vacuumed first, increasing the likelihood of a successful hook-up.


Crafted from impact-resistant polycarbonate, the lip features a wide coffin shape that excels in navigating through floating debris, enhancing obstacle avoidance capabilities. While maintaining a diving depth, it efficiently catches water, creating a powerful and impactful swimming motion.


The chest fin, crafted from taut PVC material, adheres to the body during swimming, and during stationary periods, it extends out as if the Bluegill is moving its chest fin to hover. PVC material is also utilized in the tail fin, enhancing the realistic portrayal of the Bluegill. The ventral fin, located above the front hook and shaped like a horizontal tail wing, not only prevents hook entanglement but also contributes to stabilizing the posture and adding a sharp action.

Intimidating sounds emanate from the large stainless steel rattle embedded in the front body's rattle chamber.

With a straight crankbait retrieval, it can trace the surface to a depth of 2.0-2.5 meters (6-7ft).  The powerful vibrations from the polycarbonate wide lip and resonating rattle sound appeal effectively, even in muddy waters or rough surface conditions with waves. The wide lip allows it to make contact with structures such as weed tops and standing trees, inducing bites with intimidation.

The natural fluttering of the Bluegill-like form and the feather hook's realistic details beautifully portray the image of a Bluegill nibbling at the surface while fluttering its fins. The lifelike floating posture, resembling the real thing, plays a crucial role in enticing cunning monsters hiding in pinpoint spots during dead sticking. Additionally, when using the riser technique by stopping the retrieve and allowing it to float up, the diagonal posture mimics the movement of a Bluegill heading towards the water surface faithfully.

Length:190mm body

Caution Regarding Temperature and Storage Conditions

There is a risk of deformation, cracking, or damage due to the expansion of the air chamber caused by temperature differences in places exposed to direct sunlight, inside hot cars, or in tackle boxes during fishing trips, especially in high-temperature environments. Particular attention is required during the summer season when temperatures rise. Please be mindful of proper storage for the plugs. Neglecting this caution may void any warranty, so please exercise due care. The photos shown are of a prototype or composite images. Please note that actual products may differ in detail, and discrepancies may exist. The appearance of the product in the published images may vary slightly depending on the shooting environment and the device used by the customer for viewing. Kindly acknowledge this beforehand.