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Bulldoze Jr. Flat Tail

Bulldoze Jr. Flat Tail

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The Bulldoze Jr. Flat Tail uses the same great body as the original Bulldoze Jr., just with an adjusted tail. The flat tail is rotated 90-degrees to a horizontal position and reduces the vibration as the bait moves left to right. Compared to the original, the wobbling axis is shifted towards the front on the Flat Tail and gives it a unique fast-pitched wobble.

Since the flat tail increases buoyancy, it raises the head of the bait higher than the standard model, giving the fish a different look.

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The “Members Only” colors are Natural Chi-Gill and Aurora Chart. 


The coffin-shape lip is polycarbonate with excellent impact resistance. It also does a great job of avoiding cover as it deflects from logs, laydowns, rocks, and docks. The bill also gives it a deeper diving depth while also grabbing water for a great vibration as it dives down.


The PVC pectoral fins stick to the body when swimming, and when paused, the pectoral fins move and protrude as if hovering just like a bluegill.

The horizontal tail-shaped belly fin on the front hook not only prevents the hook from fouling up, but also plays a role in giving the bait a sharp twitching and jerking action.


The flat tail is the important difference in this bait and greatly changes the action. The horizontal tail slows the left to right action, but it still has a great movement.

*Please store it in the case so that it does not become warped.
*Elastomer rubber parts. Do not store with other hard lures or soft lures as it may cause deformation, discoloration, melting, etc.


Because it’s inevitable to catch big bass with this bait, it is equipped with #3 hooks that have a smooth finish for better penetration. If you replace the hooks with a feathered trailer, you get a more natural look that will sway in current and get more bites. The split rings are quality and size #3.


A menacing rattling sound is emitted because of the large stainless steel rattle that is built into the chamber in the front of the body.


Bulldoze Jr. Flat Tail
SIZE: 130mm 

WEIGHT: 1.9oz