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Lipple Jet Type-S

Lipple Jet Type-S

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Introducing the 'Ripple Jet TYPE-S,' a factory-tuned model with subtle water movement, flashing effects, tight sound, and enticing feather action, all integrated into a realistic silhouette! The 'Ripple Jet Type-S' is a slow-sinking, weight-tuned version of the limited-production Ripple Jet, specifically designed for members.

Carefully tuned during extensive testing, the lure achieves a fall posture and speed that seamlessly traces the 0.5 to 1.5m range below the water surface. The offset balance of the depth prop, shifted from the central axis, imparts a subtle water movement to the body, accompanied by a tight sound reminiscent of a shad click, creating a broad appeal to bass.

The flickering reflection of the prop agitates the water flow, causing the feather to sway alluringly like a tail, enticing even selective big bass with its hidden power, just by retrieving it slowly.

■Golden Kawamutsu

Length:98mm body

Warning: Exposure to direct sunlight in locations such as inside a car or in a tackle box during fishing, especially in high-temperature conditions, may lead to deformation, cracks, or other damage due to the expansion of the air chamber caused by the temperature difference. Please take extra care when storing the lure, particularly during the summer months. Neglecting this caution may void the warranty.
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