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Sweet Killer 210, 175 & Spare Parts

Sweet Killer 210, 175 & Spare Parts

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The "Sweet Killer" is now available in the 210 size. It’s a big bait with an ultra-high pitched sound and highly responsive because of the jointed action. It has a core body without the soft shell, which is what makes the Silent Killer unique. 

The "Sweet Killer 210" is based on the Silent Killer 175 core body and has a total length of 210mm. It’s a bait that will do many things and can be worked from a dead stop to a fast retrieve. The wide lip makes it great for avoiding snags and it can be fished with a cover cranking retrieve, but with a bigger size and appeal than a crankbait. You can also walk it side-to-side with an underwater dog walk, which brings bass from cover to strike.

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Flash Keta Hasu


The wide polycarbonate lip has excellent impact resistance and high obstacle avoidance as it deflects off of cover. This makes it easier to fish around thicker cover and generate strikes. If the lip is damaged, it can be removed with one touch of the lever for easy replacement. Replacement pack (1pc)


The tail is an elastomer rubber than shimmers even at slow speeds. It produces lifelike vibrations as it flows through the water, to help get more bites. If damaged, you can also replace the tail with one touch. Replacement packs 2 per pack.

* Please store the Sweet Killer 210 in the case so that it does not become bent or damaged.

* Do not store with other hard lures or soft lures as it may cause deformation, discoloration, melting, etc. 


The large #1 hooks have a surface treatment for better hookups. In some situations, you may want to replace the hooks with feathered versions for a more natural look. The feathered hooks will also slow the bait slightly, for better slow cranking action. The split rings are quality and #4 size. 


Sweet Killer 175

The “Sweet Killer” is a completely different concept that pursues ultra-high pitch and high-response joint action based on the core body of the Silent Killer 145. Although the total length is 175 mm, it has a compact silhouette is the size of an Oikawa.

The bait allows you to control it from slow to fast retrieves. It also has excellent obstacle avoidance ability thanks to the wide lip when cranked or performing an underwater “walk the dog” action.

  • Type: FLOATING model
  • Length: 175mm
  • Weight: 1.2oz


Take caution when placing the lure in a hot area or direct sunlight, such as in a car or tackle box. This can cause deformation, cracks, or other possible damage to your lure. We cannot guarantee that damage will not occur due to this neglect.

The photo shown above is a prototype and composite photo, so there may be slight differences in the actual product. Please note that the color may look differently on your screen than in person.